Friday, July 18, 2014

Attending IETF90 in Toronto

I'm attending the IETF 90 meeting in Toronto, Canada this coming week. You can read more about the IETF here.

On Sunday I'll be attending the ICANN RSSAC (Root Server System Advisory Committee) meeting. I was recently appointed to the RSSAC Caucus. The RSSAC advises the ICANN community and board on matters relating to the operation, administration, and integrity of the Internet's DNS Root Servers. During the week, I plan to attend IETF working group meetings in various areas (including DNS, Routing,  HTTP, IPv6, and security). I hope to write a report of activities at the meeting after I return.

Shumon Huque

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  1. I really wanted to attend this meeting, but, unfortunately, I missed my plane. Does anybody know, whether I can find the video recording or not?