Tuesday, March 26, 2013

IPv6 and DNSSEC at LOPSA-East Conference

I'm teaching 1/2 day courses on IPv6 and DNSSEC at this year's LOPSA-East conference again, being held in New Brunswick, New Jersey, May 3rd-4th 2013.

The IPv6 course is an updated version of the one I did last year at PICC (PICC has since been renamed LOPSA-East) and elsewhere.

Last year I also did a combined course on DNS and DNSSEC. This year's course is focussed on DNSSEC specifically. This will allow me to go into much more detail on how DNSSEC works, how to configure and deploy it (probably with live examples using BIND), etc. I'll also have more time to discuss DANE and application uses of DNSSEC.

Early bird registration discounts for the conference end April 1st. The full schedule of talks and training programs can be seen at:


--Shumon Huque