Sunday, September 8, 2013

DNSSEC Validation in the Internet2 community

As a follow-up to my examination of the ISC DLV registry, I conducted an informal poll of some of my peers in the Internet2 community to find out 1) who is using DNSSEC validation on their resolvers, and 2) who additionally uses the ISC DLV.

A while back I setup a small project to monitor the status of DNS signed zones in Internet2 and few other selected communities. There is no easy way to programmatically determine who is using DNSSEC validation though, so the easiest way is to ask others [1]. I got responses from a number of universities and regional R&E networks. Here's a summary:

Institution                             Uses ISC DLV?
University of Pennsylvania              Yes      
Virginia Tech                           Yes
Univ of California, Los Angeles         No
Univ of Massachusetts, Amherst          No
Kansas Research & Education Network     Yes

Kansas State University                 <unknown>
Fort Hays State University              <unknown>
Louisiana State University              No
Univ of California, Berkeley            Yes
Energy Sciences Network (ESNet)         Yes
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL)   <unknown>
North Dakota State University           Yes
Univ of Delaware                        Yes

3ROX (3 Rivers Optical Exchange)        Yes
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC)  <some resolvers>
University of Idaho                     No

I'm sure I'm missing others - I'll add to this list as I discover them. If you know of anyone, feel free to let me know!

[1] Although Geoff Huston and others have conducted some large scale studies of validation use, using a method of buying and analyzing ad impressions at popular websites, directing clients to carefully constructed URLs located in zones with differing DNSSEC signature statuses.

-- Shumon Huque

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