Thursday, August 2, 2012

Network Engineer openings at Penn

We have two job openings at the University of Pennsylvania for Network Engineers.

1. Network Engineer or Senior Network Engineer

This position is part of our Network Operations group which deploys and operates Penn's production campus network (data/voice/video), and the area gigapop (MAGPI - This is a traditional network engineer position requiring expertise in network protocols at various layers. I expect this job will initially have a strong focus on design and operation of our wireless network.

2. Senior Network Engineer

This position is part of our Network Engineering group (which I lead). This group works very closely with Network Operations, offering final tier escalated support, researching new network designs, architectures, technologies, evaluating new equipment, designing and deploying related software and hardware systems. At Penn, the Network Engineering group also includes folks that run a number of other systems (DNS, DHCP, Authentication, Authorization, etc). We work with many cutting edge things (IPv6, DNSSEC, Openflow, etc). The candidate for this position will generally need to have a strong networking and programming background, as well as strong familiarity with UNIX and UNIX-like operating systems.

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