Sunday, April 29, 2012

IPv6 and DNS+DNSSEC Classes I'm Teaching

I'm teaching two half day classes on IPv6 and DNS/DNSSEC at the LOPSA PICC conference (Professional IT Community Conference), being held May 11-12, 2012 in New Brunswick, NJ. This is a regional IT and system administration conference run by the New Jersey chapter of the League of Professional System Administrators (LOPSA).

The IPv6 course is a revised version of the well received 1/2 day course I gave at USENIX LISA 2011 in Boston. The DNS and DNSSEC course is a new one that I just finished preparing. I originally prepared these as full day courses. But so far, I've only had the opportunity to deliver 1/2 day versions, so I have to skim through some of the more advanced material a little quicker than I like. But the slides are designed so that most of the content can be reviewed independently later.

The IPv6 course includes an in depth tutorial, covers practical aspects of configuring IPv6 in operating systems and applications, and also covers advanced topics such as IPv4-IPv6 transition mechanisms and the latest developments in IPv6. Based on feedback I received from the last time, I've moved the sections on programming and routing protocol configuration to the end (bonus material), and will cover those if time permits.

The DNS course provides an in depth tutorial on the DNS architecture, protocol, the most commonly used record types, a tutorial on DNSSEC, and configuration examples using BIND (I'm planning to show a live example of deploying a signed zone). The last part will review some of the exciting new application uses of DNSSEC in the pipeline, including DANE and the TLSA record.

Here are links to the conference pages. The keynote speakers are Bill Cheswick (AT&T Research, formerly Bell Labs) on "Rethinking Passwords", and Rebecca Mercuri (noted e-voting expert, and a Penn Ph.D.) on "The Black Swan and Information Security".


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